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  1. Applications will be accepted through the BEP websiteCarson City & Douglas County applications must include a recent photo of the current installed and operational device.
  2. BEP reviews applications as they are received.  BEP will reserve funds for the project when the application is deemed complete.  Additional information may be needed by BEP.
  3. Woodstove dealers will receive confirmation of the complete application and resulting earmarked funds within 2-4 days.
  4. The participating dealer will notify homeowners of their admission to the program.  The homeowner will enter into a contract with the dealer to purchase and install an EPA-certified device.  The rebate amount will be removed from the bill prior to billing the homeowner.
  5. For Carson City & Douglas County stove change out ONLY: The dealer/licensed installer will take a photo of the existing pre-1992 stove before replacement and another photo of the installed EPA-certified device.  The address where the devices were/are installed will be displayed in the photo. THE CONTRACT IS VOID IF THE OLD STOVE HAS BEEN REMOVED PRIOR TO THE DEALER INSTALLING THE NEW DEVICE.
  6. The wood stove dealer is responsible for the removal and recycling of the old stove.  Proof of recycling is required for reimbursement.  NO REFUND WILL OCCUR UNLESS THE DEALER REMOVES AND RECYCLES THE OLD STOVE.
  7. The dealer will provide BEP the above stated photos and recycling paperwork for reimbursement.  BEP will reimburse the dealer within 2 weeks of submission of paperwork.
  8. The Dealer and/or Homeowner is responsible for completing any required county/city permits/inspections.

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