Business Services GroupThe Business Environmental Program provides free and confidential environmental management assistance to business and government operations in Nevada. The Program specializes in cost effective strategies to reduce hazardous materials and waste generation, conserve water and energy, minimize air emissions, and maintain compliance with environmental requirements. The program provides training, on-site consultation, assistance over the phone and through its website and publications.

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Water Conservation

Water Sense:

Water Sense, EPA Partnership Program:

EPA released its Final Specification for Single-Family New Homes (PDF) (15 pp, 120K) on December 10, 2009. This specification establishes the criteria for new homes labeled under the WaterSense program and is applicable to newly constructed single-family homes and townhomes of three stories or less.


WaterSense: An EPA Partnership Program: This specification establishes the criteria for new homes labeled under the WaterSense program and is applicable to newly constructed single-family homes and townhomes of three stories or less.

Manifold Systems:

Plumbing Manifold Systems: Manifold plumbing systems are control centers for hot and cold water that feed flexible PEX supply lines to individual fixtures.

Manifold Supply Plumbing Video: A manifold plumbing system uses flexible plastic piping instead of copper.

Manifold Buyers Guide Plumbing Manifolds.

On-Demand Hot Water:

Tankless Water Heater Buyers Guide: Plumbing and Mechanical Magazine offers this site to search for manufacturers of tankless water heaters.

Tankless Water Heaters, also called Instantaneous or Demand Water Heaters, provide hot water only as it is needed. There is no wasted energy on storage of hot water in a storage tank.

Water Conserving Appliances:

Clothes Washers: Energy Star Clothes Washers

Dishwashers: Energy Star Dishwashers


The following bathroom sink faucets have been certified to meet WaterSense criteria, which means you can expect exceptional performance while reducing your water use.

Older, inefficient toilets are responsible for most of the water wasted in American homes. Replacing these toilets with WaterSense labeled toilets could save nearly 2 billion gallons per day across the country.

Outdoor Water Use – Landscape/Irrigation:

Irrigation Controllers

The Bureau of Reclamation has prepared a report of Weather and Soil Moisture Based Landscape Irrigation Scheduling Devices. This technology removes the need to make manual scheduling adjustments because the “smart” device adjusts the schedule automatically as weather changes. The “Residential Runoff Reduction (R3) Study” reported comparable water savings of 42 gallons per day per single-family home (, 2004). Savings at nonresidential sites were 545 gallons per day.

Drip Irrigation Systems: Promoted for water conservation, drip irrigation does just the opposite. It applies small amounts of water (usually every two or three days) to the immediate root zone of plants.

Subsurface Drip Irrigation: SDI systems are designed to apply small amounts of water on a frequent basis. The goal is to maintain soil moisture content at a level which is optimal for plant growth and root development.

Developing a Water-Efficient Landscape: A water-efficient garden is a “balanced landscape,” one that uses water efficiently and balances the lawn area, shrubs, and flowers with the hardscape.

WaterSense Irrigation Partners in Nevada: Each of the following individuals has been certified under a WaterSense labeled program. The Irrigation Association certification is designed especially for irrigation professionals to demonstrate their experience and technical competence to the industry and to customers.

Truckee Meadows Water Authority Water-Efficient Landscape Guide. This site provides detailed information on designing landscapes, information on plants, interactive irrigation plans and maintenance activities.

A Guide to Desert Bioscape: The University of Nevada Cooperative Extension’s Desert Bioscape program focuses on yard care and design practices that minimize maintenance, provide a beautiful, functional landscape and improve our environment by sustaining natural resources.


WaterSense, a partnership program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, makes it easy for Americans to save water and protect the environment. Look for the WaterSense label to choose quality, water-efficient products. Generally speaking, WaterSense labeled products will be about 20 percent more water efficient than their less efficient counterparts in the same category. In addition, WaterSense labeled products perform their intended function as well as or better than their less efficient counterparts.