Business Services GroupThe Business Environmental Program provides free and confidential environmental management assistance to business and government operations in Nevada. The Program specializes in cost effective strategies to reduce hazardous materials and waste generation, conserve water and energy, minimize air emissions, and maintain compliance with environmental requirements. The program provides training, on-site consultation, assistance over the phone and through its website and publications.

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Green will become second nature.

“Sustainable design and the codes that support it are not a fad that will fade away, but will instead become common business practice.” says Jay Peters, Executive Director of the ICC®’s Plumbing, Mechanical and Fuel Gas Group. “Green building applications will be integrated into standard construction practices so it will become second nature to implement greener plumbing, mechanical and other energy- and resource-saving measures.”  The International Green Construction Code is an exciting new addition to the extensive sustainable design provisions the Code Council has been publishing for years.  The organization, along with the entire building industry is committed to building stronger, safer and smarter for our communities and our planet.  Visit the IGCC page to learn more about this exciting new code and its PMG sections. You can also download a free version of the IGCC via a link on this page.  The International Code Council (ICC) publishes building safety, energy efficiency and fire prevention codes that are used in the construction of residential and commercial buildings. Most U.S. cities, counties and states choose the I-Codes based on their outstanding quality. The ICC’s Plumbing, Mechanical and Fuel Gas (PMG) Group is devoted exclusively to providing PMG products and support to jurisdictions and construction industry professionals across the country and around

the globe, with one or more PMG codes adopted in 49 states. The more than 200 superior products and related services were developed specifically by and for plumbing and mechanical professionals. Contact the PMG Group for additional information at 1-888-ICCSAFE, x4PMG, PMGResourceCenter@iccsafe. org, or visit .

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